Owblock is one of the official minteries for minting USDtz. Ownblock premints USDtz so we offer the fastest turnaround for your minting requests. You can mint USDtz with ownBLOCK by sending us USDC (Ethereum USD stablecoin token) and you will receive the same amount of USDtz tokens (less our fee) back to your Tezos wallet. Our fee is 1% with a minimum of $2 and a maximum of $10.
Just fill out the form once, enter the amount of USDtz you wish to mint and we register your Ethereum and Tezos addresses.

You can then swap swap your USDC for USDtz at any time by sending USDC to ownBLOCK’s Ethereum wallet:

Our target turnaround time is 1 to 6 hours during European business hours. Coming soon: We are working on an automated process via smart contract.

We hope you find this an easy service to use and if you have any questions, please find us on Telegram.

Registration to swap for USDtz