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ownBLOCK is a delegation service founded on the principles of best in class infrastructure offering security, resilience and high performance.

Let ownBLOCK do all the work and earn dividends safely and securely,
simply by delegating your tez to us.


Our work has obtained the trust and respect of our peers in our respective sectors. We are not an anonymous service and we operate to the highest levels of ethics and trust.


ownBLOCK owns and operates its own servers and network. We use world class facilities and latest high-spec equipment from manufacturers such as HP, Cisco and Fortinet.


We have multiple nodes on the Tezos network to ensure high availability and stability. ownBLOCK has N+1 redundancy to provide resiliency so we’re always baking.

ownBLOCK Team

Don Kolley

Location: Tokyo

Over 25 years of experience sales and trading in capital markets in Japan building software solutions for trading, order book management desks. He began his career with Charles Schwab in San Francisco before moving to Tokyo in 2002 to work for Reuters and later with Sungard/FIS and NYSE.

Duncan Watson

Location: Tokyo

Long time technical architect for some of the largest and most demanding companies in the world. He comes with almost 20 years solving problems and designing technical solutions across Finance, Media, Energy, Healthcare, IT Consulting and Telecoms.

Reinhard Schu

Location: London

Over 15 years of experience as: legal expert, investor, entrepreneur. Reinhard is a Blockchain early adopter and brings a wealth of legal and business expertise and is intimately familiar with the regulatory environment in the telecommunications and cryptocurrency industries.

Siva Kolla

Location: Singapore

Founder and CEO of SP Sysnet, a successful systems integrator with a focus on datacentres and network security. Created over 14 years ago, the company specializes on meeting the demands of the capital markets industry. Expansion into Japan, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan and the UK has occurred in the last few years.



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ownBLOCK Ltd
71-75 Shelton Street,
London, WC2H 9JQ

Company Number: 11180270